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April 2016
Luis Martinez – Moderno Realty

When it came to house hunting for our first home, my husband and I looked for 3 years before finding our saving grace, Luis Martinez, who helped us find our cozy little condo within months! Luis was on it, truthful, eye opening and always bringing us back to reality with his wisdom and insight (which we are so thankful for) after 3yrs of moving into our first home, we were ready for our second move and there wasn’t a doubt that we would be contacting Luis again. Luis is such a calming joy to work with he helped us sell our condo and buy our second home. Again with his wisdom, patience and advice we sold our condo within weeks and bought our new home 4 months later. Luis became our friend and not only helped us sell and buy our home but explained the process so that we could have an understanding of how the process worked.. He isn’t just in this to show you some homes and send you off, he really takes his time, hears your needs and advises you what would be beneficial to you and your family. Luis doesn’t wait to make the call or wait to write up your offer, he took our house hunting seriously and wrote up our offers as soon as we saw a home we liked and we loved the fact that he wasted no time. Luis it has been not only a joy to work with you but a pleasure to even know you, thank you for all your hard work, advice, phone calls and diligence! We appreciate you and all the work you did behind the scenes to get us into our dream home! Without you there would be no American Dream.

-Mateo and Roxana Jimenez
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